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Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)


Webmasters, Developers, and Site Designers:
ContentSeed is the tool you've been looking for.

Whether you use Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web, discontinued editors like Adobe GoLive or Microsoft FrontPage, or any other editor you can think of, you don't have to learn anything new or do work differently except for adding a "seed" to page areas where you want browser-editable content.
ContentSeed will change the way you do business.

ContentSeed works great with templates from places like Project Seven, Template Monster, Open Source Web Design, and so on.  It works on any server and can easily be used with shopping carts, database applications, and plain old "static" HMTL websites!

ContentSeed Makes Improving Your Business as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Horizontal Line Reason 1 : Quit Working for Free!

Quit Working For Free!

If you're like many of your fellow web designers and developers, you don't charge for all those "little changes" your clients request... [+]More

Sure, your clients think changing their fax number, hours of operation, or any number of little changes, are just a few keystrokes but we all know it's a lot more than that.

You've got to find their local site, make your changes, publish to the server, check to see that nothing got broken, and so on.

Even the most simple change really takes 10 minutes.
Freebies easily add up over the months and years.

Besides not charging for these things, they interrupt your workflow on paying jobs.  With ContentSeed, you can just let the client handle it! [x]Close

Horizontal Line Reason 2 : Get Paid Faster!

Get Paid Faster!

Designers and developers generally receive a set percentage of the total job cost in advance, and then create the client's basic layout, template, functionality, and navigation. Then wait, and wait, and wait for the content... [+]More

This step in the development process is universally unpopular with web professionals.  It seems with most clients, once you got approval on all but the content you could just about guarantee slow delivery of the content materials, then when it finally comes, it's weak, needs reformatting, or worse, they FAX it!

With ContentSeed, as soon as you get approval on the general site, just drop a "seed" on each page, send the client a final bill and brief instructions on entering their content: Done deal.

Use ContentSeed to get paid faster and quit waiting for content (and final payment). [x]Close

Horizontal Line Reason 3 : Get Paid More!

Get Paid More!

With ContentSeed you'll easily be able to raise your pricing and at the same time raise your closing ratio by offering prospective clients an easy "in-browser" editing experience.  [+]More

I don't know if the result was because the prospects saw me as more of an expert since I had the capability of ContentSeed in my proposals and NONE of the other developers did, or if it was because the prospects knew ContentSeed would be useful to them.  Either way I raised my prices and kept raising them until my closing ratio came back down to a comfortable 70%.
Now I'm making almost twice the money with about 1/2 the work.
Chris Leeds,
Microsoft MVP and Author

Use ContentSeed to blow your competition away, get more referrals, raise your closing ratio, raise your prices, lower your workload, and increase your customer retention rate.  You can even offer ContentSeed to existing clients for existing sites. [x]Close

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If you're still reading, you're probably beginning to see the tremendous benefits to both you and your clients. 

If you have a specific use scenario or concern just contact us and we'll provide personal assistance.